Product Design Lead


UI, UX, Motion, design specification, development support


- Goals
- Tasks & Events
- Calendars
- Habits
- Flow timer
- Progress & Analytics


The productivity app you've been looking for

The team at Done! approached me to lead their efforts to completely redesign their productivity app. It sounds like a pretty common thing, to make another to-do-list app, but the ambition and vision we shared became more than that. With their own research and years of experience with psychology, our goal was to create an experience that was focused on staying productive, build powerful habits, see progress, and along the way add details and unique touches that would make it feel more complete.

Some of my process

My favorite part was constant prototyping to validate directions and close collaboration with the engineering team

The productivity app you've been looking for

No more overwhelming to-do lists, switching between apps or procrastination.


Masterclass Work Reel

A project reel showcasing some of the highlights from the new experience we created


Masterclass Conference Talk

I had the very pleasure to speak at theOFFF Conference in Tel Aviv - Sharing the ins and out of our work

Stay productive day & night

A visual scenery will greet you at sunrise, shine bright during the day, and bring you stars at night. A visual scenery changing throughout your day.

Add all your tasks & events

Eliminate the stress and procrastination caused by overwhelming to-do lists and overdue tasks. Always know what to do next.

Build powerful habits

Make a routine out of recurring tasks you do daily, weekly, and monthly. Use the power of routine to form new habits and break old ones.

Analyze your progress

Celebrate your accomplishments instead of stressing over an eternal to-do list. Powerful analytics to understand how you spend your time.

Stay focused with Flow Timer

Earn scheduled breaks to enjoy your favorite pleasures without the guilt. Step back, recharge, and reflect on your work.


Tasks has been done

This is just the beginning

We are currently expanding the product to many more platforms – Soon to come

Build powerful habits

Track progress and see how it takes you forward