I believe that digital experiences should be memorable and about people. There’s no excuse for bad usability and I refuse to settle for the ordinary.



I believe that experiences should be memorable, there’s no excuse for bad usability and I refuse to settle for the ordinary

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Capturing moments

Seeking adventures

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I'm passionate about crafting experiences with design, animation, 3D and code

Websites, apps, ecosystems & vision just to mention a few verticals

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How to make your product memorable

I joined Chris Do and The Futur for a livestream to share my vision on how we achieve better and more engaging experiences


Visionary concepts such as

Tesla Cybertruck purchase flow

Exploring forest trails

Space X augmented reality launch

Enabled by a refined
process & approach

Dare to do the unthinkable

Life is too short to do something that has been done a million times before. To push boundaries takes courage, but also responsibility to take it from fantasy to reality.

Think and create in systems

To create something that evolve. To serve now and then. For systems that are powerful and well crafted from the very beginning.

Test, test, test, test

Testing and validation in forms of versioning, prototypes and animations takes place in every phase of my process to inform early hypotheses.

Believe in the details

Precision and attention to details is always a top priority. I believe that’s what it takes to deliver top quality experiences that both deliver and delight.

Always set things in motion

Nothing can communicate an idea, vision, or concept better than to feel it. To turn static artifacts into moving and expressive experiences.

Give absolutely everything

I’m very passionate and proud of the work I do. Half-effort is never a thing for me. I’m here to give it all and my partners success is the greatest motivation.

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Originally from a small town in Sweden, Pontus has spent the majority of his career in San Francisco working for product innovation agencies, Punchcut and Fantasy. Early in his years, Pontus started exploring design at the age of 18 and completed his first commercial project the year after. He continued independently to design and build websites for small businesses and produce redesigns of the biggest brands to express his ideas. After high school, without any relevant education but his creative work to showcase, Pontus was hired as a Web Designer to join the in-house team at one of the largest E-commerce companies in Sweden, Ellos. During his 15 months working next to a seasoned team, managing web pages and online marketing, he was taught how to work at a high pace and elevate his craft.

In 2015, Pontus was accepted into the Mobile Creative program at Hyper Island, a business inovation school based out of Stockholm Sweden and across the globe. Here he was faced with all aspects of working together in teams, solving creative briefs together and to deliver product pitches to clients such as P&G, Volvo and Unicef. Hyper Island is a school like no other and offers an alternative way of learning where students completely learn by doing, in craft and also team dynamics. While finalizing the studies at Hyper Island in 2016, Pontus booked his second flight ever in life to fly over to the United States to land a product design job. After literally showing up at companies doorsteps and telling them that he really wanted to work for them, despite them not responding to his emails – He accepted one of the offers and moved to San Francisco to begin what would become his massive career progression. Pontus quickly realized his passion for new-thinking design, user experience and animation so he decided to join the industry leading team at Fantasy.

During his 4 years at Fantasy, Pontus worked on +40 projects in industries ranging entertainment, technology, automotive, e-commerce, sport, and operating systems. He became a leading role in partnerships, including MasterClass, Netflix, Microsoft, Melio, Huawei, Samsung, Ford, and more. His role was primarily to lead visual design and animation but he were also constantly challenging UX and strategy to make groundbreaking experience a reality. Pontus had the opportunity to be one of the speakers at the design conference OFFF in Tel Aviv Israel where he shared the ins and out of the Webby awarded Masterclass experience used by millions.

Nowadays, Pontus is a freelance product design leader offering his services to startups, agencies and corporations. He also have a focus to produce content and learning material for the next generation of creatives to learn from.

Currently Freelance Product Design Lead, previously at Fantasy & Punchcut in San Francisco

previously at Fantasy and Punchcut in San Francisco
2013 - PrESENT

Freelance Product Design Lead
at Wellgraf

Especially but not exclusively leading product design, offering my capabilities as an independent contractor to startups, agencies and businesses.

2017 - 2021 | San FrANCISCO

Senior Product Designer
at Fantasy

Thinking beyond the ordinary. Creating unique and extraordinary products for brands across the globe. Striving for the better and stronger experiences.

2016 - 2017 | San FrANCISCO

Visual Experience Designer
at Punchcut

Designing the connections among people, technology, spaces, and services. Relating and collecting insights with methods that inspire product innovation.

From then to now